What’s the best portable Bluetooth speaker in the Indian market?

Do you have fascination of listening to songs? How do you do that? It becomes very odd to connect your tape recorder with an electric power point and listen to it. These days, mobile phones and laptops has become a good mode of listening to music. But, if you listen to it frequently, the battery will go exhausted. The best way to listen music is through the Bluetooth speaker. The market is flooded with such collection of portable bluetooth speaker. DY-28 speaker is one of the leading in the market. The product is introduced by Acid eye India.

Features of DY-28 speaker- by acid eye

  1. Multiple function

The Bluetooth speaker is not restricted to one function. Rather, it is having its various functions. This will be able to deduce from its descriptions. The official website will give you all the details of the multi functionality

  1. LED

The Bluetooth speakers are portable in nature. Thus, you must be carrying it to various places. Think about a situation when you are moving in an indoor atmosphere but suddenly the power goes off. The LED display of the Bluetooth will easily ignite the total room and make it illuminated.  Also, there is a way of adjusting the light of battery. It can be dim, intermediate and bright.

  1. Battery

When you are going to buy an electronics device, it is very important to check its batter power. The DY-28 speaker- by acid eye comes with the battery that has superior capacity. It is rechargeable in nature. The capacity of the battery is also quite large. Thus, you can use it for an extended period of time. The battery is of the capacity of exactly 800Mah. If you charge it for 2 hours at a stretch, it will totally be filled.

  1. Frequency and response

The best Bluetooth speaker in India should also come with a good frequency. This particular variety has 3 watts. Also, the frequency of the device is 250 HZ- 16KHZ.  Another positive point of the device is the signal to the noise ratio. This is less than 85 DB.

  1. Flexible

The Bluetooth device from acid eye India can be taken to any place you want. It is quite flexible in nature. Carrying it from one place to another is also not a problem. Whether you are moving  in a car travelling to a long distance or you have come to an outdoor place for hangout, the portable Bluetooth can easily stay with you any time.

Promise from manufacturer

You will get a promise from the manufacturer. They will cover all types of defects and malfunctions within the warranty period of the device. The bluetooth speaker also comes with the standard manufacturer’s warranty. But, there is a specific time to avail it. Once the actual warranty period of manufacturer is over, the period for the standard warranty of the device will start.

It is quite important to have a look at the pricing of the device. You will get wide range of bluetooth speaker in the market. The best bluetooth speaker comes with wide range of features. Most of them are already been discussed as above. The small and portable speaker can be carried easily from one place to another. The price of the speaker was more than Rs 6000. But, today you can get it in just Rs 2850.  Thus, you are going to save a lot while buying the bluetooth speaker from the market. Online shopping is the best way to get discounts. All the features make this one of the leading bluetooth speaker in the market.

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